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Creative Apprentice - Tafel Scholarship

***For College of Business Administration Students Only***

This position is only available to students who have been accepted to the 2020 Pittsburgh Summer Internship Program

This apprenticeship will give you the opportunity to work at one of Pittsburgh’s leading creative digital media organizations and a chance to jump-start your career in the world of marketing.  

You will join a young, enthusiastic team, the majority of whom joined Piper Creative in similar Apprenticeships, and who are developing creative digital professionals. You will also have access to successful entrepreneurs and executives from a variety of fields.

The objectives of this Creative Apprenticeship is to grow and execute in four distinct areas: media creation, creative strategy, business development, research + data.  

We create real work-based learning opportunities for a range of different roles including digital marketers, digital content producers, graphic designers, events assistants, and social media assistants. 

This will be facilitated through assigned client work, collaborating with Directors, and learning through personalized workshops, master-classes, educational events, and resources to deepen awareness and understanding of the industry.

An apprenticeship is your way into a range of creative, digital, and marketing roles with lots of different types of employers. 

If you are a creative person there is bound to be something here for you.

Don’t worry about the skills, these can be taught. What we want are people with the right attitude and approach.

About Piper Creative

Piper Creative does Podcasts and Vlogs.

We’re a digital agency that provides strategy, delivery, and analysis. Piper Creative specializes in a few key service offerings;

Documentary-as-a-Service (Vlogging 2.0)

Vlogs are no longer exclusively the domain of teenagers. Videos that last 8 to 25 minutes and live on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo are the evolution of reality TV. If that turns you off, don’t make the mistake of associating us with the Kardashians.

Instead, consider how reality TV shows have accelerated the careers of Barbara Corcoran & Daymond John (Shark Tank), Jonathan & Drew Scott (Property Brothers), and Christian Siriano & Tim Gunn (Project Runway). We want to do the same for you.

The best part? We make it simple.

Share your schedule with us and we collaborate on when to show up. We record your day and go back to the office to edit. You critique & approve the content, then we release it on the appropriate platforms.

Podcast Production, Strategy Consulting, and Guest Acquisition

Audio is widely hailed as the next big trend. With consumer attention becoming increasingly scarce, passive listening becomes more attractive. However, the competition is fierce.

Instead of chasing scale and selling advertising against an audience you’ve built, we will challenge you to do more with less. We’ve sold out events on the backs of relatively small podcast audiences.

Through niche, targeted content, you can connect with the exact right person and take your business to the next level. We take care of all the editing, production, and posting, so you can focus on having great conversations.